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Colombia and around the world. "This forum is for business people to meet and plan projects, not only in Colombia but also in other countries and even on other continents," Ville

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the treaty could limit U.S. efforts to develop its missile defense system. Senator John McCain and others sponsored the amendment, which would mean renegotiations with Russia and

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watching very carefully, since this threat against Sotloff's life was made a few weeks ago. Related: IS claims beheading of U.S. journalist, threatens to kill another DAMASCUS/WASHI

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igrants Coalition, Party for Socialism and Liberation, and the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, among others. "We are here today because police violence is all too common," sai

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in Europe. However, it has so far fell short of actions to deal with the problem. "Everyone is well aware of the sense of urgency," White House spokesman Josh Earnest said at a da

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esidential ribbon, Martelly addressed the more than 1,200 people attending his inauguration ceremony, which was held in front of the collapsed National Palace, a reminder of the

freexxx性法国 -催眠控制篡改性常

oined Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at a White House meeting on Tuesday to "finish the review process on our Afghan and Pakistan policies," and the results of the review wil